Creatos is the company which created harmonizers guarding the biofield, regulating the internal human organism, strengthening the aura and eliminates radiation phones, computers and neutralize negative energy in watercourses and geopathic radiation. Harmonizer operates on the basis of inside the machine modified energy of flowers, herbs, minerals, and planets. His carrier is a matrix that constantly affects human and other devices, constantly adjusting and strengthening the biofield..

Applying harmonizers - body can feel the heat and this is a result of radiation directing a person to spiritual transformation, as well as the mobilization of cohesion and regulation of the body's energy. Harmonizers help much more quickly back to health by encouraging the body to fight the disease. Directly affect the human immune system, as well as the ability to recognize external problems, which we are not aware of, and affect our energy field. 


Activities harmonizers are supported by tests performed in renowned institutes’ in Poland, Germany as and primarily in California. 

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See a full description of the tests from California. CLICK HERE 

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See a full description of the research institute in Germany. CLICK HERE


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"I bought a WinGuard personal and in the end finally I haven’t problems with concentrating. I am calmer and breathe a full breast."
Seweryn, age 40

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